Programs and Services

Fidelity Resources, Inc. is organized to provide resources including quality care and supporting services to individuals with disabilities and special needs to attain the highest level of community involvement and success. The mission of the Organization is to provide resources that enable people with disabilities and special needs to attain the highest level of community involvement and success. Its resource capacity promotes an environment that enhances individual choices and preferences. The Organization derives 99.99% of its revenues from fees and grants received under services agreement with the State of Maryland Community Choices Medicaid Waiver, Family Support Services, Individual Support Services, and Community Services Living Arrangement programs. The Organizations major programs are as follows:

Personal Support Services (PSS)-Formerly Community Supported Living Arrangement (CSLA)

Under a fee for service contract with the State of Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DHMH), this program gives clients independent living with access to dependable and knowledgeable support staff. The program stresses community integration and utilizes individually designed services to help people with disabilities live independently and as part of their community. PSS provides services to assist an individual in non-vocational activities necessary to enable that individual to live in the individual’s own home, apartment, family home, or rental unit.

Community First Choice (CFC)-Formerly Maryland Medicaid Waive (MMV)

This program, through a contract arrangement with DHMH provides individuals with disabilities attendant care assistance services which enhance daily living skill as they continue to reside ill their own homes and community.

Family Support Services (FSS)

The FSS program enables families enrolled to provide for the needs of a child with developmental disabilities living at home. This is flexible program that allow for services to be tailored to the specific need of each family. The program provides an array of services and assistance, based on each family’s unique needs that are provided to families with children who have developmental disabilities.  FSS are based on the belief that all children belong with families where they are loved and cared for.  These supports meet everyday needs and are often critical in avoiding family crises that become much more costly, both emotionally and financially.

Individual Support Services (ISS)

This program like the FSS is designed to meet the specific needs except that the focus is on the individual adult. The program provides assistance to adults with disabilities in their own homes and these services are tailored to each person.

Individual Family Care (IFC)

This program is designed to meet the specific need of families of individuals with disability. This is private, single family residence which provides a home for up to three individuals with developmental disabilities, who are unrelated to the care provider.

Residential Program (RP)

Under this program, individuals with intellectual disabilities receive 24-hour awake overnight support services in an Alternative Living Unit (ALU). These ALUs may be single family detached homes, townhomes or apartments rented by the Organization. These homes are licensed by the Office of Health Care Quality (OHCQ).